Imagine a picture puzzle.... It comes in a box filled with hundreds of pieces. When assembled, it may depict a landscape, perhaps, with large swatches of blue sea and blue sky. Imagine my mind is like one of those picture puzzles, and so is yours. I take one of those blue puzzle pieces, give it to you, and declare, “Here's a bit of the picture in my mind. I give it to you so you can see the picture I see.”

a new piece

Ideas, wrapped in behaviors

Expressing ideas, the act of communicating, is behavior. More ...

Most of the pieces, a nearly complete table of contents

What's this puzzle piece metaphor all about?

Two questions
I think they're worth asking ... and worth answering.

Seeking solutions in the culture domain

Tip of the iceberg

To be wise is to see
(illustrated by two popular optical illusions)

Most models are wrong, but some are useful.
the wisdom that George Box sees

Escaping a finger trap
and related thoughts about warning signs and wisdom

Books, by writers who see
Please note, however, I don't do book reviews.

Math as metaphor
Some say 2+2=5. Some say it's 3. Others have a problem with 8.

Cynicism is is a self-imposed blindness

Culture as conspiracy theory
There's an iceberg involved. Do you see it, too?

This is not about not
It's amazing how often we stumble over this tiny word.

Some assembly required: Rough drafts and miscellaneous pieces
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