Imagine a picture puzzle.... It comes in a box filled with hundreds of pieces. When assembled, it may depict a landscape, perhaps, with large swatches of blue sea and blue sky. Imagine my mind is like one of those picture puzzles, and so is yours. I take one of those blue puzzle pieces, give it to you, and declare, “Here's a bit of the picture in my mind. I give it to you so you can see the picture I see.”

Two questions

What are the effects of our own behavior?

How should we behave if we care about the answer?

Trinifar has initiated a conversation about these two questions.

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okay, then, another question

How do you put out a fire?

I've noticed some people like to advocate “fighting fire with fire”. Their contribution to conversation is to declare, with absolute confidence,

Ya gotta fight fire with fire!

Thing is, most firefighters I know use water.

Reader MTran commented on the first draft:

What I have noticed about those who claim that they are “fighting fire with fire” is that they are, instead, simply spraying gasoline in all directions.

What have you noticed?

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