Imagine a picture puzzle.... It comes in a box filled with hundreds of pieces. When assembled, it may depict a landscape, perhaps, with large swatches of blue sea and blue sky. Imagine my mind is like one of those picture puzzles, and so is yours. I take one of those blue puzzle pieces, give it to you, and declare, “Here's a bit of the picture in my mind. I give it to you so you can see the picture I see.”

Culture as conspiracy theory

“Oh, you and your conspiracy theories!”

Yeah, well, I tell ya what:

When a small group of people try to fool a bigger group, I call it conspiracy.

When a small group of people try to fool themselves, I call it denial.

When we all try to fool each other, I call it culture.

The concept of “culture” is a model I find useful.

For a longer, more serious take on culture, please see: Seeking solutions in the culture domain

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It appears that Dr. X found this to be a useful model.


[composite photo of an iceberg, both exposed tip and submerged bulk]


And what we see of culture is only the tip of the iceberg...

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