Imagine a picture puzzle.... It comes in a box filled with hundreds of pieces. When assembled, it may depict a landscape, perhaps, with large swatches of blue sea and blue sky. Imagine my mind is like one of those picture puzzles, and so is yours. I take one of those blue puzzle pieces, give it to you, and declare, “Here's a bit of the picture in my mind. I give it to you so you can see the picture I see.”

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I appreciate your interest in words I've written. I've linked a lot of different things in my Daily Kos comment signatures over the years. Since the transition from Daily Kos version 3 to version 4 will freeze a few years of comment signatures in Internet perpetuity, this page serves as a reference for many different comments.

Here are some common themes and topics I mention at Daily Kos:

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I think of Daily Kos as an extension of my writing here. Or vice-versa. From my perspective, it's all related, really.

I started this web site and its companion blog to explore serious topics related to the future of humanity. Generally I don't vent about having a bad day, even on bad days. I consider these web pages the best my brain has to offer. (Well, some of it, anyway.) Point is, if you explore and read more, I consider almost all of it relevant, somehow.

Here's a link to this site's home page and its table of contents. There's a sidebar on the right with helpful links, too.

vase optical illusion

This is a vase. It is only a vase. Right?

The shameless self-promotion of linking my own web site from Daily Kos typically yields two referred visits per day. Apparently you're one of them. So, thanks!

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