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Three key pieces

And a frame that contains these pieces: Most models are wrong, but some are useful.


  1. anonyMoses says:

    (Anonymoses originally contributed this comment after my essay about book reviews. I’ve pasted it here also, since it’s specific to these three books.)

    Interesting to see Lakoff and Senge in the same post. I have a connection to both of them, and have met Peter Senge, who once came to our class in the ’80s and talked about his developing idea of “metanoia”. He was at MIT and I was down the street at Harvard. He was also a good friend of my professor (John Robert Ross) who was then a visiting professor. John or “Haj” or “Haji Baba” (as he preferred his friends to call him) had studied with Chomsky and Jakobsen, and was instrumental in the theory of generative grammar.

    Haji was also a friend and colleague of Lakoff, whose “Metaphors we Live by” was required reading. Great, influential book, which I suspect you have read. “Love as a collaborative work of art.” Brilliant!

    Another connection with Senge comes with Robert Fritz with whom I have studied, and from whom I have learnt much…especially his structural model of creative vision. Fritz was a teacher of Senge, who was also impressed by his vision work, and refers to him quite often in his “Fifth Discipline” books…based on said metanoia, as well as Fritz’ ideas.

    Haj used to visit with me at home in Cambridge, and later in Brighton where we would yack till morning about the most arcane of subjects.

    I have yet to meet Professor Lakoff, but look forward to the opportunity.

    Peter is an other-worldly figure. The time we met, I saw a glowing azure diamond-shaped somethingoranother radiating from his abdomen, which I could see from the corner of my eyes, and strangely thought little about it at the time, although I still wonder over it, and now assume it had to do with true enlightenment and chakras.

    I best shut up now, out of deference to space and your patience.

    Oh…thanks again for Bravoing my poem!


    August 25, 2007 @ 12:43 pm

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